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A client had requested for Ager Consulting to build an end-to-end digital solution, built specifically to capture client and appointment details associated to the business.

The requirements also included:

  • Front-end data capture
  • User registration and link to Paypal account
  • Secure could data storage
  • Auto-updates to data based on certain criteria
  • Reporting functionality that can link to “live” data


The agreed solution was to build in two stages:

Stage 1
  • Build a SQL database in Microsoft Azure and created ‘Triggers’ to fire when specific conditions arise during an appointment
  • Set up a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure where a Microsoft Access Front End can be saved that links back to the Azure SQL database
  • Build interactive reports that links to ‘live’ data

Ager Consulting uses different visualisation tools to create interactive reports, these are Power BI, Qlik Sense and Qlik View. Power BI was chosen as the solution for this project due to its ability to link direct to SQL database tables and it’s free use of the desktop version and cost effective secure online portal.

Stage 2

Once the initial stage one system had been set up, a web-based portal would be designed that would replace the existing Microsoft Access front end. The system would then be ready to use worldwide.



Stage 1
  • Built successfully using SQL Server 2014 with the database stored in Microsoft Azure Database specifically designed for data entry to suit exactly how an appointment occurs
  • Virtual machine in Azure set up with a Microsoft Access front end where users can use the system “live” with clients during each appointment to capture details
  • Power BI report created and linked direct to “live” data so when data is entered during n appointment, the data feeds through to the Power BI report instantaneously
Stage 2
  • Web front-end system built using CodeIgnitor, PHP, Javascript, Ajax and HTML that links to the background Azure SQL database, allowing users to add, modify and delete records
  • Login system allowing the registration of users who can then subscribe to the website, with payment linked to Paypal
  • Admin portal to manage all users and data entries