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A client required reports from a legacy system to be reconciled against data migrated into a new SQL data-warehouse using Data Vault methodology. It was unclear if the business requirements in the legacy system had been implemented correctly so liaising with key business people was key to successfully reconciling the data.

Key areas of focus where:

  • Liaise with key business contacts to identify how specific measures are calculated
  • Reconcile Finance legacy system figures against Data Vault based figures
  • Write SQL code and include the business logic within SQL Views
  • Provide Reporting Analysts with the finalised SQL Views


Using SQL, the data needed to be extracted and sorted using a combination of SQL Views, Pivot Functions and Common Table Expressions to achieve the desired output. Liaising with key technical people and Business Analysts helped identify how to extract specific figures such as expenditure, budget and descriptions to match to the existing legacy reports.



Two different legacy reports have been reconciled with 100% matches, 12 days short of budget time allocated. This was approached stage-by-stage to ensure that the business logic was correct and that specific calculations could be tested before the manager could sign-off matched figures.